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Counting Scale

Weighing and counting functions made easy
Extensive Range of Capacities from 300g to 6000kg

Counting Scale

Complimenting Parts Counting & Weighing with Speed & Accuracy.

Durable and Tough enough for use in industrial environments with 150% overload protection, Essae DC-85N / DC-851N features include Robust, Easy to operate Polyester Tactile Keys, Accumulation of Quantity and Weight, Gross/net weight display with indications to ensure everyday operations are rendered fast and more precise. With an Inbuilt Re-Chargeable Lithium Ion battery and a backup time of approx. 8 hours when the battery is fully charged, the Essae DC series offers the most reliable, uninterrupted Check counting and check weighing Performance.

Perfectly suited for stock-taking and Inventory management tasks, Essae counting scales DC-85N / DC-851N offer a fast and effectual alternative to time-consuming manual counting processes.

With a wide range of capacities, readabilities and features, Essae DC counting scales functionality can quickly and accurately count screws, electronics and other parts, saving time in manufacturing applications.


Simple to use, a three Window display simultaneously shows unit weight, count and total weight, streamlining the process of weighing, checking and measuring items precisely.

Salient Features


Gross/Net weight display with indication


Accumulation of Quantity and Weight


Check Counting & Check Weighing

Re-chargeable Lithum Ion battery 7.4V/2.2AH

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