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AX Series

Jewellery Weighing Balance

High On Performance Exceptional With Results 

AX Series Jewellery Weighing Balance

The AX series Jewelry Balance is a Modern yet compact one for Accurate Bullion weighment. Featuring a White LED display with an optional Auxiliary display, the Robust AX Series is a small-footprint, space-saving design meant for intense daily usage. With an optional inbuilt lightweight Lithium Battery, the unit is rendered compact with battery backup of up to 6 hours of uninterrupted performance. It features Carat, Tola, and Ounce as units of Measurement with Gram as the default measure. Easily connectable to a printer or a pc, the AX series offers a unique feature of Serial & Jewelry tag Label Print with a selectable Printing Format. The printouts are Real-time with a built-in RTC facility.

For trusted jewelry weighing which includes results to be reliable, and repeatable AX Jewelry balance delivers Practical value.

Salient Features

Weight Sensor

Single Block with

EMFR Technology.


White LED.

Inbuilt Battery

Lithium Ion

Jewellery barcode tag

Date,Gross weight & Net weight

Multiple Weighing Units

Date,Gross weight & Net weight

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