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Setting a Higher Standard in Milk Analysis

Essae: The Leading Manufacturers of Ultrasonic Lactoscan Milk Analyzer Machine

Industrially designed in Germany and Manufactured in a state of the art Manufacturing facility in India, The Ultrasonic Lactoscan Milk Analyzer Machine by Essae makes it easy to monitor fat, SNF , water content as well as the density of milk, in double quick time precisely, each time . With manual cleaning and record maintenance , selectable data format for interfacing with any Dairy soft ware , calibration records for service , time stamps etc Superior performance is assured . The instrument's modular construction and its integrated design renders efficient use of space. Essae Milk analyzer has a low cost of ownership, minimum downtime, and prompt support for all its users.

MA-815 is setting a new standard in milk analysis. Based on ultrasonic technology, the device is made for superior performance. It has a bright green LCD screen display with a user-friendly interface. Designed to be compact, it's currenlty accessible in 2 variations, both in SS 304 and sturdy moulded ABS(plastic) Housing. It has a manual and auto cleaning option.

Salient Features

Manual Cleaning for Superior Performance

Faster Measurements

DATA Format

Selectable DATA format for easy interface with any DPU & Dairy software

High Precision for High Fat Milk


Cleaning & Calibration records for service with Time stamp

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