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  • JX Series Precision Balance | Jewellery Weighing Machine | Jewellery Weighing Scale | Printer Scale

    JX Series Precision Balance Delivering quick, precise, and repeatable weighing results JX Series Jewellery Weighing Balance When trading in Gold & precious metals, an accurate precision jewellery balance is essential. ​ The Essae JX Series Jewelry scale ensures the most accurate weighing results & is aptly suitable for the weighments of Gold Jewellery, precious stones and metals, with specific features and units that are unique to the jewellery weighing industry. Ergonomically designed, Lightweight and easy to operate, the JX series is powered by an AC adapter or an Inbuilt Lithium Ion battery thus maximizing productivity. ​ An optional RS-232 enables the Collection and transmission of information quickly to printers and computers. JX series can support 3 standard and 2 custom print formats with a unique Jewelry label tag printout also. It provides indicators for overload and low battery. ​ The stylish Dark violet LCD shows results in 13mm digits on a contrasting White background for enhanced visibility. Added to the said feature is a simple, 5 key Polyester Tactile key operation and streamlined design & sturdy Housing. ​ A classic precision balance saving on space, Essae JX Series delivers a combination of durability, performance and elegance. Salient Features Display Dark violet LCD with white back light Inbuilt Battery Lithium Ion Jewellery barcode tag Multiple Weighing Units Optional Grams (default), Carat, Tola, Ounce

  • Careers | Printer Scale

    Careers Check out our job postings & opportunities waiting for you First Name Last Name Email Phone Position You Apply for Select Position Available Start Date Link to Resume Submit Thanks for submitting! Careers

  • MX-50 Moisture Analyser | Moisture Aanalyser | Moisture Analyzer - Essae | Printer Scale

    MX-50 Moisture Analyser Test with the best! 50-220° C temperature with 0.01% accuracy on moisture Moisture Analyzer Accurate Measurement & Determination of Moisture content is extremely critical in many such as Paper, Tobacco, Pharmaceutical, Rubber, Automotive & Food Industry. Heated by a Halogen Lamp, the MX-50 Moisture Analyzer offers a Superior performance due to its rich features & Consistency. Salient Features Display Displays moisture rate changes over time in a graph Accuracy Measures moisture rate in a minimum time with excellent accuracy Rs Temp Automatically determines the most suitable heating conditions in a short time Compact and Safe Simple, durable and unique structure

  • The Leading Electronic Scale Distributors | Electronic Scale | DS-252 Weighing Scale | Printer Scale

    DS-252 Digital weighing scale Tab le Top / Bench Type Best suitable for general retail Affordable and economical solution for fast and friendly sales transaction The Leading Electronic Scale Distributors ​ The weighing scale known as the DS-252 features a dual red led display and is an entry-level model. It is ideally suited for general retail weighing applications because it has an option of an inbuilt or pole type consumer display and a rechargeable battery. Salient Features Available in 3 formats Bench, Table Top & Pole Type Display Easy to see display under bright sunshine or even under dim light Platform Large platter with weighing capacity upto 50kg

  • AX Series precision weighing balance Precision Weighing | Precision Weighing Balance - Essae | Printer Scale

    AX Series Precision Weighing Balance Precision weighing with high reliablity and durability AX Series Precision Weighing Balance The Essae AX Series is equipped to meet the highest standards of Speed, Reliability and Compliance. Designed to deliver the best weighing results each time every time, laboratory work flows & processes are rendered to be more efficient and accurate when it is about precision in Analytical testing and quantitive analysis in laboratories, manufacturing as per QC, academic research, etc, AX precision balance offers high-resolution solutions at phenomenal value. Salient Features Weight Sensor Single Block with EMFR Technology. Display White LED. Inbuilt Battery Lithium Ion Serial Print Selectable Printing Format

  • Help Center | Printer Scale

    Help Center Do you sell Industrial Weighing Scale? Yes we do sell all kind of Industrial Weighing Scales.

  • Milk Weighing Scale | Printer Scale | SI-850 Milk weigher

    SI-850 Milk weigher High on hygiene, low on maintenance Milk Weighing Scale For bulk milk weighing in dairy plants and BMC Chiller Units, the SI-850 Milk Weigher is the ideal option. It guarantees a very high level of hygiene and requires very little maintenance because it is entirely made of stainless steel 304. Advanced weighing features including weight logging and recording print formats are also included, along with a variety of interface options such RS-232 serial, USB, LAN, Wi-Fi, 4-20 mA, etc. Salient Features Date / time available through in-built RTC Secure access control through passwords Fully Stainless Steel (SS) construction for hygiene Wide variety of configurable printing formats and reports Compatiable ERP scale server User-friendly interactive menu

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