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  • Weight Scale Machine | SI-850 Weighing System | Weighing System | Printer Scale

    SI-850 Weighi ng System 32-bit ARM Processor 24-bit precision delta- sigma ADC for high perfoermance Weight Scale Machine The SI-850 is an Advanced Industrial Weight Scale Machine/weighing system designed to offer comprehensive solutions to meet a wide range of weighing applications including counting, check weighing, Filling, batching etc… Additional features include weight logging/recording print formats etc. It comes with a multi choice of platform dimensions & accessories. ​ Its wide options of Interfaces include RS-232 Serial, USB, LAN, Wi-Fi, 4-20mA etc. The perfect choice for automating Weighing Operations in all Manufacturing and Logistics Industries. Salient Features Wide variety of configurable priting formats and reports Secure access control through passwords External scale/balance interface Windows 10 based PC applicaton software Compatiable ERP scale server User-friendly interactive menu

  • Trolley Weighing Scale | Trolly Weight Machine | DS-215N Electronic Trolley Scale | Printer Scale

    DS-215N ​ Electronic trolley scale Porta ble scale with LED display 20g to 150 kg weighing capacity. Excellent battery backup Trolley Weighing Scale A Portable Trolley Scale Solution which is easy to use and move around. It features a Bright LED Display and Re-chargeable Battery. It’s unique design makes it the perfect choice for many Weighing applications which demand Mobility such as Warehouse, Retail & Rice Mills. Salient Features Display Red LED display Capacity Weighing capacity of 15-20 kgs

  • Platform Type Weighing Scale | DS-215SS Digital Weighing Scale | Printer Scale

    DS-215SS Digital weighing scale Pla tform, hanging & portable type Red display. Excellent battery back up Serial interface for computer connectivity (optional) Platform Type Weighing Scale 215SS is purpose designed for weighing in harsh indoor or outdoor use, featuring tough stainless steel casing & bright led display. Ideal choice for weighing applications in market yards, field weighments in agricultural farms, milk diaries & societies etc. Salient Features Battery with inbuilt battery charger & back up time of 18hrs approx. (when fully charged) Interface options RS-232 & virtual COM Port (USB)

  • AJ Series Precision Balance | Precision Balance | Precision Weighing Balance - Essae | Printer Scale

    AJ Series Precision Balance 220g to 12kg weighi ng capacity Tuning fork sensor technology for high performance Precision Balance Based on Tuning Fork Technology, the AJ-series Precision Balance offers Superior Performance & Precision much needed in Industrial & Jewellery markets. An extensive range of models offers a wide choice to Customers to meet any need of Precision Weighing in these Industries. Salient Features Display Remote Display Bar graph display Features Innovative design in compact body Options for modes and units Comparator function Quick-assembly shield Power Charger with Battery (12V/1.3Ah)

  • Weight Counting Scale | Weight Counting machine | DC-810 Counting , Barcode Printing Scale | Printer Scale

    DC-810 Counting, Barcode Printing Scale Less wastage of labels during calibration Barcode type supported: CODE 128 & EAN 13 Weight Counting Scale Powerful & Feature rich, yet a user friendly Counting Scale with an Integrated Barcode Label Printer. It’soptional Wi-Fi LAN Connectivity enables seamless Integration with Customer’s ERP Systems. Salient Features Display Bright LCD display with green LED back light High contrast display for easy viewing in any lighting conditions Design Alphanumeric Keyboard for easy navigation Dual weighing platform connectivity Easy to Use Easy loading of label roll Less wastage of labels during calibration

  • The Best Quality Hanging Weight Machine | DS-215 Hanging Scale | Printer Scale

    DS-215 Hanging Scale Hanging Weight Machine A Portable Hanging Scale Solution which is easy to use and move around. It features a Bright LED Display and Re-chargeable Battery. It’s sleek & unique design makes it the perfect choice for many outdoor Weighing applications such as Poultry and Field Weighment in Agricultural Farms and Coffee/Tea Estates. Salient Features Display Green display and a long battery backup of 18 hours Optional secondary display Feature Serial interface for computer connectivity (optional) Capacity Weighing capacity of 15 kg to 150 kg

  • Ideal basic weighing scale for General Retail and manufacturing | DX-415 Platform Scale | Printer Scale | Digital weighing | Bench Scale | Platform type scale

    DX-415 Digital weighing scale Bench and platform type Ideal basic weighing scale for General Retail and manufacturing Platform Type Weighing Scale DX 415 offers a variety of platform sizes, numerous interface options, additive capacity, accuracy scope, and accessories for both basic and complex weighing operations. a great choice for both industrial and commercial applications. Display Bright Green LED Display with additional Jumbo display, remote & wall mounted display as accessories Factory Options Virtual COM port (USB) RS-232 Interface Set point Printer connectivity Can be interfaced with Essae DP-810 printer Accessories ​ RS-232 to USB cable assembly External set point - relay output 25 mm / 50 mm Jumbo Display Remote Display : Table / Wall mounting Popular searches: Bench Scales , Portable Scales , Floor Scales , Counting and Mixing Scales , Terminals , Load Cells , Accurate weighing scales , reliable weight scale , weighing systems , bench scales , floor scales , pallet scales , rail and truck scales , software solution , weighing machine , weighing machine for home , weighing machine price , body weighing machine , digital weighing machine , digital weighing machine price , weighing machine for shop , digital scale , hanging scale , hanging weighing scale 100kg price , hanging weighing scale 2 ton , hanging weighing scale 100kg electronic weighing scale , essae weighing scale dealers , essae weighing sacle price , essae weighing scale 30 kg , essae weighing scale 600gm , essae weighing scale 1000kg price , essae weighing scale 300kg , printer weighing scale , automatic weight printing machine , industrial weighing scale with printer , receipt printer weighing scale , weighing scale with printer price , vegetable weighing machine with barcode printer , label printing weighing scale price , weighing machine with barcode printer price , vegetable weighing machine with printer price , weighing scales suppliers , weighing scales suppliers in bangalore , Scale supplier in Bengaluru , Electronic Weighing Scales , jewellery scales , table top scales , poultry scales , platform scales , price computing scales , printing scales , retail weighing machine , retail scale , food weighing scale , food weighing machines , weighing scale for logistics business , Platform Scale , Platform weighing Scale 200kg , digital Platform Scale , types of Platform Scale , Mechanical Platform Scale , Digital Platform Scale , high-precision weighing platforms , Receipt printing scale , si 810 prss , ds 252pr , si 810 rpr , si 810 lpr , ds 515 ss weighing scale , ss weighing machine , ds 75 counter scale , tabel top weighing scale , ds 252tt , pole display weighing scale , ds 852 , high accuracy scale for precision weighment , bench weighing scale , ds 252 bench scale , ds 415n , ds 215n , platform weighing scale , electronic weight machine , weighing scale , weight machine price , digital weight machine , digital weighing scale , best weight machine , body weight machine , weight machine for shop , food weight scale , weighing scale price , digital weight , weighing machine price , weight scale machine , weight machine price amazon , checkweigher , gold weight machine , electronic weight machine price 100 kg , 10 kg weight machine price , weight machine 100kg , electronic weighing scale , Digital Floor Scale

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